ciorapi dama pompea

Pompea was established in 1996 in Medole, in the province of Mantua, Italy, by its founder Adriano Rodella. Based on the experience Rodella had gained during years of working in the hosiery and underwear industry and his extraordinary innovative ability, he turned it into a success story and point of reference both in Italy and internationally within a short time.

Pompea has always played a key role in the underwear and hosiery industry in Italy. It soon became leader in the market of ladies’ underwear, number two in the hosiery sector and third in men’s socks. It is one of the top five best-selling brands in the swimsuit segment.

Many factors carried the company to success within a short time. First and foremost is its wide range of products boasting an unquestionable quality to price ratio and ongoing innovation, above all in the “seamless” technology field. This was the starting point of the “No stress” payoff line launched in 2000 with an advertising campaign, and since then unavoidably tied to a brand synonymous with comfort and well-being.

Continuous investments in technology, attentive styling research and the use of both traditional and innovative yarns have allowed Pompea to achieve an important goal: an assortment of products able to meet the needs of a truly extended target with sensitivity. Women, men and children today find in Pompea allied underwear for facing everyday life with freedom and energy as they are able to choose from garments in natural fibre or microfibre, with seams or seamless.

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